Wat anderen zeggen over The Project Management Network

  1. Jacques Seegers
    Financial Applications Director at Informa

    Sheik Bandhoe has worked as full time project manager in the Informa Financial Applications team for five and a half years. He has significantly contributed to the completion of the global roll out of Coda e-Finance and related applications at Informa. He has successfully led many Coda implementation projects, software development projects, SAP implementations and integration projects. Sheik always has a very good focus on project scope, timeline and budget. He is a hard worker and very flexible with regard to working hours and the requirement to travel. Finally I must say that it has been a real pleasure to work with Sheik for over five years. I would certainly recommend him as project manager.


    Jeroen Donders
    Finance Director Euroforum Netherlands B.V.

    I have worked together with Sheik, during the implementation of our current Marketing Database (Neptune). As a senior project manager he was on top of the planning, deadlines etc. and played an important role in achieving the objectives of the project. Next to his process orientation, he is a real people oriented person, which makes him very pleasant to work with.


    Martin van Nijnatten

    CIO EU Informa


    As a senior project manager, Sheik has the ability to control and comprehend larger projects with many aspects. He's also a nice, genuine person to work with and has good communication skills.


    Damon Bell

    Director of PMO at Informa plc


    Sheik was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at Informa. Innovative, careful and a wise Project Manager. It's was a pleasure working with and I highly recommend him to anybody needing an honest, effective and reliable Project Manager.


    Debbie Lee

    Project Manager at Informa UK Ltd


    I had the pleasure of working with Sheik on a couple of high profile projects and can say that he is very open and honest and never loses sight of the end goal. His project management skills are tight and he has a great sense of appreciation for his project team members. 

    I wouldn't hesitate in working with Sheik again nor would I hesitate in recommending him to others!


    Gerard Kuijpers

    Managing Consultant/Co-Owner at Resultaten.Nu


    Sheik heeft me getroffen door een zeer gedegen en realistische aanpak van de uitdagingen die ik hem voorlegde. Met zijn onmisbare hulp hebben we een zeer complex en langdurig project op de rails kunnen houden en uiteindelijk succesvol af kunnen ronden. Sheik denkt actief mee op alle niveaus van communicatie, van de meest abstracte visie tot de meest concrete aanpak. Het is een zeer prettig mens in de omgang en een plezier om mee samen te werken


    Johan Weijland

    Change Consultant at ProVicis


    Sheik is a professional expert in extracting management information from (combined) databases with systems like Business Objects. His peaceful and quiet way of listening to his in- and external clients shows deep interest to solve problems and provide for adequate solutions. I know Sheik as a very hard worker who arrives first and leaves last to achieve satisfying solutions for his clients.